Diesel Engine Mobile Fire Pump JBC5.5/10

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Categorie: Portable Fire Pump, Petrol Fire PumpLow Noise The well-designed large-capacity exhaust cylinder can effectively absorb the noise emitted by the engine and effectively reduce noise pollution.Safety Protection Device The safety protection device can effectively prevent the high temperature gas discharged from the engine from directly contacting the human body, causing skin burns.Multiple devices connected Through a dedicated connection tool, multiple devices can work in series at the same time to achieve the purpose of long-distance water supply.Remote control The optional remote control device can be used to control the start, flameout, pressurization, decompression and other steps of the equipment to achieve the purpose of remote control.
Specification JBC5.5/10
Engine Brand & Model HIEARNS  192FB
Number of Cylinder * Stroke 1 Cylinder *4 Strokes
Cooling System  Forced Air Cooled
Bore x Stroke 92 x 75 mm (3.62x 2.95 inch)
Piston displacement 499 ml
 Max. Output 11 KW (15 HP)
Fuel Type Diesel (Max. 0#)
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.5 Lit (1.72 gal)
Fuel Consumption 3.5 Lit / Hr (0.92 gal / Hr)
Fuel System Direct Injection
Oil Tank Capacity 0.9 Lit (0.24 gal)
Suction Starting Electric and manual
Suction System 4 Blade Rotary-vane vaccum pump
Priming System Manual
Pump Pump Performance 300L/Min @ 0.60MPa
600L/Min @ 0.55MPa
1000L/Min @ 0.30MPa
Max outlet discharge 1100L/Min
Pump Type Single Suction, One Stage centrifugal pump
Priming time ≤15s
Max water lift 65M
                      Max. depth of sucking 9M
Suction Thread and Dia.  2-1/2" (65mm)
Discharge Thread and Dia.  2-1/2" (65mm)
Discharge Number Single / Double
Discharge Valve Flat
Weight Dry Weight 65 kg (143.17 lbs)
Wet Weight 72 kg (158.59 lbs)
Dimension(mm) Overall 590 x 560 x 570 mm
Length x Width x Height
Customize your fire fighting equipment, including accessories, packagingChoose quality accessories & raw materialsOur quality control starts with the selection of raw materials, and insists on selecting the best raw materials and accessories for production. All products must undergo rigorous quality testing. We not only “reach the standard”, but pursue the most stable fire-fighting equipment.Products must be tested for reliabilityOur factory has established an independent testing organization, and tests the products in strict accordance with the testing standards.We always choose high-quality engines and accessories to ensure that the pump can work stably for a long time.

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